With our Dynostar power bank we can measure vehicles up to a power of 1000 hp. This allows us to adjust and adjust engine management systems in a safe and controlled manner. By testing on this dyno, we verify and guarantee that an upgrade to your car has actually achieved an increase in power.

But it does not necessarily have to be about complete mapping. You may want to know how much horsepower or NM your car still has after several years of use. This is easy to measure by performing a dynorun. You will receive a printout of the measurement made after the run. During a measurement it is possible to record and review sensor values.

The options we offer:

  • Dyno run (power measurement)
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Adjust engine management
  • Chip tuning
  • Renew or improve mapping
  • Installation and testing of new parts
  • Complete mapping for new builds
  • Interim check-up

Motormanagement systems

We have the possibility to program various systems such as: Ecumaster, Link ECU, Vipec, Haltech, Motec, Apexi, Nistune, Ecutek, KMS, Gems, Hondata, AEM, Greddy, Bosch, etc.
As an official distributor of Ecumaster, you have come to the right place for advice, purchase, installation, adjustment and service of Ecumaster products.

By programming the engine management system, your vehicle can be adjusted to extract the maximum power or to make consumption as economical as possible. Thanks to our in-house expertise, we can set the engine management in such a way that your car can drive as optimally as possible in the desired circumstances. Whether this is set for circuit driving, highway driving or economical driving, everything is possible.

For a better picture of our work, you can contact us for an appointment without obligation. We then discuss what the wishes are and see how we can meet them.

Are you visiting the dyno? Then consider the following points:
- The car must be leak-free.
- Wheel suspension must be properly mounted and aligned.
- Tires must be in good condition.
- JT-performance cannot be held liable for mechanical/motor damage to the vehicle.