A lot of people think lowering there car will give more grip but when a car is lowered to much the geometry of the car will changed in a negative way. We can help to find the right solution.

Camber changes in corners, steering changes when accelerating or braking, roll centre and more. To counter this problem there are many products on the market to keep this changes to a minimum with a little effort.
In extreme cases this products will not help enough but we can help you further. We develop new subframes, suspension arms and even wheel hubs to sort out all suspension problems.

We are now developing a new suspension solution for the Mitsubishi EVO, it will use the stock subframe but with new suspension arms and wheel hubs the geometry will be back where it needs to be. The arms can be adjusted so the alignment can be set at what you need to get maximum grip.

Interested? please contact us for all your questions.

Mitsubishi EVO suspension

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