Custom work

Where we differentiate ourselves from other tuning shops, is custom work. Our motto is that we can make everything ourselves! From the start of the company we’ve been very involved in making custom exhaust systems. Completely made from Stainless steel and we use high quality sound dampers. We are able to comfortably give 10 years warranty on all of our custom made exhaust systems.

Something that we’ve started producing a few years ago is custom exhaust manifolds, designed in house with special software to be able to get equal length headers within a margin of only 1mm accurate. But we also make custom Catalytic converter replacement pipes. We have been very successful in making twin exhaust systems. And we’ve made exhaust systems to sizes up to 4inch. Everything and anything is possible really, as long as the underside of the car permits extra usage of available space.

Except for exhaust systems, we can also do custom work on intercooler setups and piping for them. Oil sumps, dry sump systems, fuel tanks, catch tanks, chassis and suspension modifications. Also full and semi roll cages can be build custom to fit your car or wishes.

In our shop we’ve got a large working area with MIG and TIG welding equipment, and can also turn, grind, bend, cut, and basically create anything you’d want for your car, or setup.

What is possible, it’s rather the question what is not.