Race preparation

Race preparation

Making your track day car ready for another season is something we’ve got extensive experience with. Because we have our own race team there is allot of knowledge with regards to track racing. Most of our own race cars have been build up in our shop and we also drive them ourselves. With gives us an unique view into what parts work and which don’t. And also we can give allot of feedback and information about certain setups of suspension, braking, and engine performance. This gives us a unique way to provide our customers the best service with regards to race preparation.

Some examples:

  •          Upgrades to the braking system
  •          Additional engine accessoires for cooling, and oil flow.
  •          Safety upgrades like sport seats, belts, and roll bar’s or full cages.
  •          Upgrades and modifications to the suspension

But you can also think about custom parts for specific racing applications. Custom products like battery containers, fuel pump containers, catch tanks, swirl pots, and other custom made parts that we can make fully according to your wishes and or vehicle. 


The engine is the heart of every car, and often the engine gets very hot during track usage. We can take several precautions to take care of this problem. From supplying improved cooling fluids. But also full custom parts like cooling intakes, brake ducting and special air ducting are possible. But also oil cooler kits, fuel coolers, diff coolers we can deliver and or install on your vehicle. If you want to compete on a higher level, then we can also add dry sump systems, or custom made sump systems. All can be made in-house in our shop in Haaren. 


In terms of safety it starts with sport seats that you can find in our webshop from many of the most well known manufacturers. With or without FIA approval stamps. But besides this, we can also supply seatbelts in various colours, or from various well known premium brands. But also think about fire extinguishers, or complete fire extinguishing systems, we can deliver and install in your car. 

Braking system:

With regards to the braking system, there are endless possibilities. From simple braided brake lines, performance braking pads, performance braking discs, to full big brake kits from various brands and in various sizes. But also equipment like brake power distributers and or a hydraulic handbrake system can be delivered and installed by us. 


Also with regards to the suspensions there are endless possibilities we can provide for any type of car, or circumstance. From improved dampers to fully adjustable coilover suspension kits. But also chassis strengthing parts and special suspension arms for drifting, or track, or road use. Also corner weighing and setting up your car for track usage is something you can have us do. And we will setup your car exactly as you want it to behave. 


Something that is often forgotten about, driver clothing. We recommend to always wear proper fire protective clothing when going on track with your car. In our webshop you can find clothing, helmets, gloves, and shoes from all the well known premium brands. And we can supply virtually any product in this category.