Dyno & Engine management

Dyno & Engine Management

We have a dyno meter from Dynostar which we can use to measure the power and performance of vehicles up to 1000hp. This gives us the possibility to setup and test engine management systems in a secure and controlled environment. By testing the performance on our dyno we can verify and guarantee that performance upgrades done by us give a certain increase in power. But of course it does not have to be a full mapping session it’s also possible to do a quick HP or NM test to ensure your car still has all the required power output after a few years of usage. After the quick run you will get a print out of the dyno graph. It’s also possible to check and control settings and sensor values live when doing the run.


We offer the following possibilities:

  •          Dyno run
  •          Fault code diagnostics
  •          Tuning the engine management system  
  •          Chip tuning
  •          Refresh or renew the mapping of the ECU.
  •          Build in and testing of new products
  •          Complete mapping for new cars
  •          Intermediate check up of engine perforamance
  •          Motormanagement system


We’ve got diverse options to tune and program all common ECU systems like: Ecumaster, Link ECU, Vipec, Haltech, Motec, Apexi, Nistune, Ecutek, KMS, Gems, Hondata, AEM, Greddy, Bosch, enz

We are distributor for Ecumaster products. We can advice, sell, install, tune and service all Ecumaster products.

By programming the engine management system we can adjust your vehicles performance to squeeze the last bits of power from the engine. Or alternatively can setup your car to run as lean as possible in terms of fuel usage. By our inhouse expertise we can adjust your ECU to all your demands for usage of your vehicle. Whether this will be usage on track or on road or just in general being as fuel economical as possible. Everything is possible!

To get a better picture of the options we can offer please contact us to make an appointment. Then we can investigate together what the best options would be for your car. The pleasure of the customer takes first place with us. So we will take care that your engine is setup in the best possible way to ensure your fun in the type of usage you have planned for your vehicle.


Please contact us for more information, we are happy to answer your questions.